Past Presidents

1953Vern Carnes
1954Vern Carnes
1955Walter Biddle
1956James Hoaglund
1957Ted Boothroyd
1958Fred Gabbard
1959George Jackson
1960Jack R. Hight
1961Stan Fredrickson
1962T. Sigmundson
1963Robert Langmade
1964Chuck Haak
1965Bill Waggoner
1966Fred Anderson
1967George Timmerman
1968Jim Button
1969Dick Joachim
1970George Moore
1971Bill Haggard
1972Dave Falk
1973Jim Ray
1974Dan Schwartz
1975Tom Datena
1976John Benson
1977Dean Moody
1978John Filli
1979Jim Sorenson
1980Tom Babbington
1981Alfonso Rodriguez
1982Peter Kunka
1983Peter Menconi
1984Dave Downing
1985John Summa
1986Paul Sorenson
1987Dave Cosgrove
1988 Rick Whitaker
1989 Dick Heitz
1990 Curt Hahn
1991 Joseph Buffalin
1992 Louise Lasat
1993 Monte Sterdevant
1994 Diane Langmade
1995 Erik Kirkland
1996 Dave West
1997 Lance Jones
1998 Robert Harris
1999 Mark Cunningham
2000 Katherine Hammack
2001 Steve Blau
2002 Michael Tobin
2003 Brian McAuliffe
2004 Doug Lovell
2005 Brent Snider
2006 Robert Sty
2007 Tiffany Bates
2008 April L. Ricketts
2009 Dennis Surovcik II
2010 Gary A. Nelson
2011 Shawn Masterson
2012  Tyson Padgett
2013 Tom Andrews
2014 Colin Laisure-Pool
2015 James Kennelly
2016 Beau Turner
2017 Meg Gates
2018 Rick D’Andrea
 2019  Kellie Huff
 2020  Roger Kirkman
 2021  Jon Kuderer
 2022  Aaron Seymour

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